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Do you love where you live? Many of us feel strong ties to our town or community, and want to make sure that it continues to be a wonderful place to live for generations. That’s why nurturing Town Funds is one of the Foundation for MetroWest’s major initiatives.

Town Funds are permanently endowed funds by local communities, and are led by a local board of volunteers who have a deep understanding of the needs and existing resources in their towns. Town Funds grant to innovative programs and services to sustain the local environment, enrich our cultural life, and make our communities stronger, healthier and more enjoyable places for all.

The Foundation for MetroWest is home to four Town Funds:

To date, we have worked with each town’s volunteer community boards to distribute 86 grants, awarding a total of $500,000 to organizations making a difference in Lexington, Southborough, and Wellesley.

In 2016, the Foundation welcomed the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund, an endowed fund in partnership with the Medfield Foundation. This new fund will support innovative projects from private and public organizations to benefit Medfield residents.

With your help, the Foundation for MetroWest is committed to building new Town Funds each year by partnering with community members with strong ties to their city or town. Town funds create sustainable sources of revenue dedicated to enriching the quality of life in your neighborhood.

Together, let’s ensure that MetroWest continues to grow into a place where our next generation can thrive and make great memories.

What our community is saying

“Instead of being a mile wide and an inch deep, we want to go deeper and deeper into the towns of MetroWest – raising more capital, having more of an impact, and getting more members in a particular town involved in supporting their community.”

Tom Crotty Trustee, Foundation for MetroWest; Chair, Southborough Community Fund

“It’s amazing to watch these kids play music to help others. It changes how they connect with each other, and how they feel about each other…these concerts help them realize the impact they can have on others and their community.”

Heidi O’MaraSpecial Needs Arts Program Executive Director; 2015 Community Endowment of Lexington Grant Recipient

“The Natural Resources Commission would like to express its sincerest gratitude to The Fund for Wellesley founders, donors, staff, Community Board and Board of Trustees for their support of the “4C” Garden project at the Weston Rd. community gardens. Their gift of $1,000 means they understand just how important the community gardens are to the Town, and how they can bring people together in extremely positive ways.”

Wellesley Natural Resource Commission

“We truly believe that people in our community would want to leave a lasting legacy for the town they loved but we needed to find a way to make the effort more manageable….the [Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund]  will be a permanent source of funds geared specifically to improving the quality of life for our community.”

Evan WeisenfeldBoard President of the Medfield Foundation and Medfield resident

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